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Turnaround and Maintenance

WELDFAB understands the importance of well executed turnarounds and facility maintenance to the successful operation of refineries, chemical plants, power plants and other industrial facilities. 

Through the years, our experienced managers and craftsmen have safely and successfully executed turnaround projects of varying degrees of complexity, ranging from a single unit to an entire plant. In addition, we have provided routine and preventative maintenance to a variety of industrial clients.

Our focus is on safely reducing costs, improving efficiencies, raising the standard of quality, and increasing productivity. We know from experience to anticipate the unexpected and to implement effective resolutions for turnarounds, outages as well as ongoing maintenance projects.


• Heat Exchanger Services-Push/Pull/Clean

• FCC Turnarounds

• Structural Revamps and Erection

• Fabrication – Steel Plate, Vessel & Piping

• Project Management & Planning

• Vessel Sections

• Planning & Scheduling

• Subcontractor Management

• Maintenance & Reliability Services

• Tank Repair & Maintenance

• Insulation

• Emergency Response

• Exchange Slab Management

• Tray Tower Work

• Mechanical Piping & Valve Work

• ASME Code Work & Welding

• Industrial Cleaning

• Heavy Rigging

• QA/QC & Safety Services

• Routine, Preventative & Predictive Maintenance

• Boiler Repair & Maintenance

• Procurement & Warehouse Support

• Asbestos Abatement

• Fin Fan Re-tube, Repair, Replace (in place)

Turnaround execution tends to be more concentrated than construction projects. Turnarounds typically have their own challenges. For example, decisions are based on actual equipment condition despite the increasing accuracy of predicted conditions and corrosion rates.The work process for planning a turnaround, therefore, must address the specific needs and challenges that are part of repairing process equipment. 

Following the process is essential, but another important consideration is the benefits that technology can provide. Web-based technology can help organize and control the tasks, information, and issues critical to efficient turnaround management.

Turnaround cycle
Recognizing that a process is ongoing is the first step in defining that process; completion of one turnaround is the next cycle's starting point. Demobilization of people and equipment often occurs when the plant returns to production with on-spec products.

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